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Growing population, demands for more modern solutions in the public transit domain, advances in technology that facilitate the processes involved in the sector — all these and many more contribute to the explosive growth in the global public transit market forecast for the next few years. The Asia Pacific region, followed by Europe, are the trail-blazers in innovation and improvement of their infrastructures, led by the desire to provide better services and curb CO2 emissions in larger cities. What will public transit look like in 2024? Let’s take a look!

Making the right investments

What comes first — the highway or the cars? It’s easy to believe that the necessity to invest in new infrastructure is there because of the rising number of vehicles. But there is another way of looking at this problem: what if we built more pedestrian zones and expanded the public transit options people can choose from? As UK citizens already know, this is a viable road to take. After the construction of a new road in Glasgow, car ownership in the area jumped. At the same time, a new guided busway with a parallel pedestrian and cycle path were constructed in Cambridge, leading to a decrease in car usage. …


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