Smart Cities Events You Should Consider Attending In 2022

Even though the pandemic is far from over, with the successful vaccine roll-out and containment measures in many countries the world is slowly returning to in-person events. During the past two years, many existing smart innovations became indispensable and we’re wondering how many innovations were born in lockdown. If you’re curious to find out, just like us, let’s meet at one of these smart city events in 2022!

Smart Cities Expo World Forum 2022

Smart Cities Expo World Forum is an event that combines conferences with state-of-the-art expo floors. It is a place that is intended to bring together professionals in smart cities and urban planning technologies to discuss a wide variety of topics such as smart transportation, health, IoT, Big Data, smart governance, fog computing, and more.


This international conference and exhibition is focused on IT solutions for the public transport industry. Bringing together experts and decision-makers, it will provide valuable insight into industry innovations and how they can be implemented to prepare cities for the future of urban transportation. The event will also provide the option to attend virtually some of the sessions.

Smart City Summit 2022

The Smart City Summit and Urban Mobility Expo is a 2-in-1 event where you will be able to hear leading innovators in the field as well as see an expo with over 80 participants. Mingle with technologists and delegates who will be able to give you a first-hand insight into the changing market, and explore valuable case studies during the conference!

Smart City Summit & Expo 2022

This tradeshow doubles up as a conference and provides industry specialists with hands-on experience with innovations. It’s the most comprehensive smart city event in Asia and provides an online platform that works year-round to give participants access to news and technologies.

Urban Future 2022

Urban Future’s next initiative is set to take place in one of the fastest developing cities in Europe. The event in Helsingborg will focus on solving numerous sustainability challenges, as well as improving the quality of life. It will consist of two parts: a city-wide initiative and an expo that is expected to gather more than 1 million visitors.

Urbis Smart City Fair 2022

Urbis Smart City Fair is a trade fair and conference format that gathers representatives from Central European cities with the aim to share experience, ideas and solutions for smart city development. The 2022 issue of the event will focus on digitization and transportation.

Smart City Expo 2022

Since 2011, Smart City Expo has been one of the leading events on the global smart tech scene. It’s scope covers a wide variety of industry highlights such as environment, governance, safety and security, economy, and more. The event includes an expo area, a congress area, and side events and activities. In 2021 it included a digital format do that more people can join in from around the globe.

ICoTSC 2022

After 2 years of virtual events, The International Conference on Transport and Smart Cities is set to bring the full conference experience to China. Driven by the International Academy of Science and Engineering for Development, the event is dedicated to sharing the latest research on topics related to engineering and applied sciences.


This exciting climate-neutral mobility event will take you on a journey to explore the transformation of the automotive industry. With topics such as e-buses, last mile solutions and logistics solutions, it will cover a wide variety of present-day mobility scenarios faced by companies in the EU and worldwide.

GiTex Global 2022

GiTex combines six tech events in one! Focused on AI, 5G, cloud, Big Data, cybersecurity, blockchain, quantum computing, immersive marketing and fintech, it allows tech industry people to mingle and create in a disruptive atmosphere. GiTex will include a fascinating show as well as a conference space.

Smart City Expo Poland 2022

Guided by the broad topic of smart cities, Smart City Expo Poland presents visitors with a holistic experience of the industry: renewable energy sources and methods of energy storage, e-mobility (cars and charging systems), mobile applications for citizens, e-payments, e-office, energy-saving street lighting, and many more. This professional trade fair will provide decision-makers with all the tools they need to implement their smart ideas.

Now let’s move to some events that still haven’t fixed dates and locations — but are worth mentioning!


With a focus on urban transportation, MOVE is the best place to meet and do business with fellow transportation professionals. The wide array of speakers covers topics from smart traffic to electric vehicles and MaaS. MOVE offers exciting opportunities for start-ups to discover their future customers, and visionaries to meet the tech disruptors that will help change the mobility landscape.


GovTech is a virtual summit that invites data and technology pioneers in the public sector. Focus of the discussions is to share knowledge and bring closer together policies and technologies. With topics such as AI, data, machine learning, 5G and automation, it is a fantastic opportunity to connect with innovators in the field of government technology.

Which events do you think will be best for your city? Are you attending any? We are hoping to see you there!




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We design smart solutions for the cities of the future.

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